"RECOGNITION" Distinctions


Image Sans Frontière offers awards to members who obtain acceptances in salons

1st level of recognition by Image Sans Frontiere
up to
recognition of the 10th level by Image Without Border

The holder of these distinctions is entitled to take advantage of them in any circumstance.


  1. To get one of these awards, applicants must meet the following conditions:
  2. Produce a detailed application whose standard form is available on ISF's web site, together with a sum of € 15 If the applicant is not ISF member, to cover the postal costs and the creation of the dossier expenses.
  3. These will be paid preferably by paypal (+ the sum corresponding to the distinction requested).
  4. Fill up the table of international acceptances which justify to the request by using the model form and indicate the acceptances and awards by ISF, PSA or Fiap towards the calculation of equivalences.


  1. Paid 50 €uros by request according to the table under with 4 levels.
  2. Only acceptances obtained in international salons showing an ISF label or a PSA or FIAP patronage are considered whatever the section.


  1. To obtain a new ISF distinction of a higher level, it is necessary to have held the distinction level preceding the one that is requested for at least 6 months.


  1. The starting date for the calculation of the total of points is that of the application and cannot go back to more than 5 years, and the date concerning a salon is that of the judgement.


  1. ISF reserves the right to verify the merits of a request, by any means at its disposal.


  1. The distinction application must be addressed to the person in charge of Awards;

Philippe Bolle: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.


  1. Payment will be made preferably by paypal on the site " (Or by chèque for French members only)


  1. The application by email at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. will be accompanied by a photo ID of the author – either taking a photo of not – and 4 digital files among the best acceptances mentioned in the application (jpg 300 dpi and 1,024 pixels for the larger dimension). These files will not be returned but will be used on the ISF website.


  1. The author expressly authorizes ISF to publish all or part of the file for the promotion of Image Sans Frontiere.


  1. Each applicant for a distinction will receive his/her diploma together with the latest issue of ISF's Newsletter and if he/she is not yet a member will be sent information concerning the activities of ISF until the next membership fee request.



4 Levels. It is necessary to be holder of an under level before getting an over level. It is possible to get several levels in the same time, but between 2 requests a waiting period for at list 6 months is requested.

R-ISF-1                             50 points

50 €

R-ISF-2                            100 points (50+50)


R-ISF-3                            300 points (100+200)

50 €

R-ISF-4                            600 points (300+300)


R-ISF-5                         1200 points (600+600)


R-ISF-6                         1800 points (1200+600)

50 €

R-ISF-7                         2400 points (1800+600)


R-ISF-8                         3000 points (2400+600)


R-ISF-9                         3500 points (3000+500)

50 €

R-ISF-10                       4000 points (3500+500)



Acceptances in salons with FIAP or PSA patronage = 1 point

Acceptances in salons with ISF label = 2 points

Acceptances in contests organised by ISF (namely the World Cup, Europa Cup, Grand Prix) = 3 points.

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